Has it been a year?

Has it been a year?

Wow, it has been exactly a year since my last trip to Japan. It really doesn’t feel like 365 days has gone by since I remember it like it was yesterday. This trip was almost a culinary tour of three popular cities – Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo. Can we all agree that Japan has a sh*t load of delicious food that can keep anyone busy for quite a while?

My most memorable and anticipated meal was at Sukiyabashi Jiro. For anyone who has watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi would know about the father and the son’s restaurants in Tokyo.

We dined at Sukiyabashi Jiro in Roppongi Hills, the younger son’s, Takashi (隆士), restaurant. The experience was impeccable! There are a number of reviews that has mentioned the younger son’s restaurant isn’t as great as the flagship restaurant owned by his father. In my opinion, it was amazing! Maybe due to my novice knowledge of sushi. But hey! the only opinion that matters to oneself when it comes to food taste is their own. Not to mention, the son and his sous chef both were extremely friendly, detail-oriented and the best part was they both speak English! We were able to get some explanation on the fish type/history/proper way to consume and other random interesting facts. It’s always an enjoyable experience for me when I can communicate with the chef that is preparing my food.

We had 23 different omakase sashimi and sushi servings (captured most of them below), each one was mind blowingly delicious. I could barely move afterwards and yet my mind still wanted more. I seriously had never said more “mmMmmmMmmm” in my life! (* ̄∇ ̄*)

Chef: tasty?! Me(mouthful):MmmmMmmmHUmphhhh
Can you tell how happy we were?  😀

Save that avocado seed

Save that avocado seed

because you can grow a beautiful avocado plant with it!

I don’t know about you but I personally love avocados. I love eating them the way it is, or in salads, soups, sandwiches and even in desserts! I can’t name one situation where I don’t like to eat them.

Towards the end of last year, I was told I can plant the avocado seed and grow a beautiful plant with it. The gotcha is you just don’t know which/when seed will sprout, hence this is a test of your patience!

I decided to give it a try and for two weeks, the seed did not sprout. I was ready to throw out the seed before I went on my trip, good thing that I didn’t! It sprouted while I was on my trip, so when I saw it upon returning, I was super excited to see the little root peeking out! 😀

It doesn’t take much effort at all to grow this plant as long as you provide enough water and sunlight (must). It’s a pretty plant. If you have a backyard then you can even grow your avocado tree! If you want to get the avocado fruit then that is a bit more complex because you need to cross pollinate in order to get avocados. Here’s a few snaps I had of my avocado plant.



It’s such a beautiful plant with very little maintenance!

It’s been awhile since I have blogged. As one of my goals for 2016, I’m going to try to share more insights/experiences throughout the year. Definitely need to beat my last year’s record, so stay tuned!

I can’t justify it…

but I had to do it. I don’t know what got into me but I really wanted to go to Taiwan. How much patience do I have when it comes to something I really really want? I think I have got none or even negative patience (if that even makes sense).

I don’t know why I am spending my Thanksgiving on an airplane over friendsgiving or even with family.

I don’t know why I am choosing to spend my birthday by myself instead with my close friends who probably thought they did not get invited to my birthday.

I don’t know why I am making a solo trip of 48 hours to a country that is 13 hrs flight each way!

But I do know that I want to be there this weekend no matter what the cost was. Consider it a birthday present to myself! To some, this may be like birthday hell. Spending almost equal amount of time on a plane than exploring.

This is probably what being impulsive means? I don’t really have a plan. I do have a few things I want to see. I definitely will eat my way through Taipei if my stomach can survive all the junk I will stuff it with. ahh I am excited! 😀 oh… and I guess this is my third achievement for this month. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am truly thankful for all the amazing people in my life – my loving/healthy family, my group of supportive/understanding friends, people who taught me new things each and everyday (co-worker, mentor, etc). I am certainly thankful for all the opportunities that have been given to me in life so far. Looking back, every opportunity have taught me something new and brought me closer to the person I aim to be. It helped me grow, mature and most of all be a better person than I was yesterday (in my opinion and its what matters right? :)).

um.. hope they serve turkey with stuffing on the flight!! 😀


seems to be my lucky month. Not only is my birth month but it seems to be the month where I actually accomplish things.

What have I accomplished?

1) New position, new team. I’m excited!

2) Finally got my CA driver’s license after 7 years of living in California. Apparently you are supposed to get it within 7 days after moving out here. I think I mistook that for 7 years. 🙂

3) As for the third, I still have to figure this one out. It got to be something I have not done before and hopefully something exciting. 😀

Something unrelated but yet useful I read recently-http://thoughtcatalog.com/ryan-holiday/2013/08/how-to-find-mentors/. This is a good article and definitely worth sharing if you have a younger sibling/friend in college or at a stage where he/she is trying to figure out their career.


Somewhat of an old TED talk and I just came across it today. Larry Smith is an economics prof at Waterloo. I totally regret not attending any of his lectures while I was there. Why did he only teach at night?!  Arghhhh… Yes my excuses! He’s quite witty. Worth checking out if you haven’t seen it already.

On a totally unrelated and somewhat embarrassing note, lesson learned to never attend yoga class half way. What you get is an uneven workout on your glutes! One side is totally sore while the other barely got a workout as it seems. It would be funny to have half of my butt toned while the other is not… actually that won’t be funny! O.o

The Theory of Everything

Amazing! I loved every bit of it. Yes it is probably a romanticized version of Stephen Hawking’s actual biography but it seems pretty close to what wikipedia says about him. I highly recommend it!

This movie shows the struggle that comes with real love. It is not all glamorous but yet it is rewarding. It also shows people can fall in and out of love with the same person. They might not be able to grow old and gray together but they are the necessary stepping stone for each other to get to the next chapter in their life.

I’m fascinated with his life and Jane’s choice. Would I have walked the path that Jane did knowing the outcome? I think she is an extraordinary individual with compassion and determination. Not everyone would have walked her path or lasted in that lifestyle. I’m simply inspired by her character.